Architectural Design Standards

The set of design guidelines that have been established applies to all cottages to be constructed at Filion Lake Resort.

The sole purpose of these standards is to create an aesthetically pleasing and consistent community, a sense of pride of ownership, and ultimately, an increased future property values.

1. Standard for Development of Cottage Subdivided Lots

These standards reflect the requirements for development and do not take Precedent over municipal bylaws governing lot or building development.

Site Development:
No construction will be allowed to commence prior to issuance of a Building Permit from The Rural Municipality of Canwood. This applies to cottages, boathouses, docks or any outbuildings. The Purchaser will be responsible for constructing lot approaches and installing culverts in approaches, which may hinder natural water flow. Mobile homes, modular homes and / or trailers are unacceptable as permanent residences, nor allowed for extended durations to be placed on a lot for any purpose other than construction purposes. Prefabricated buildings of new construction designed as a cottage or Summer home and moved onto the lot from there places of erection are allowed, but shall specifically exclude any buildings or construction not originally designed as a cottage or Summer home, which has been previously erected and occupied on another location. The Seller and or the community Hamlet will provide a site with access for storing sufficient garbage containers to accommodate pick-up for the subdivision. The cost of pick-up service will be paid for by the purchasers through an agreement with the municipality.

2. Building Design Standards

(a) Set-back and Property Size
All dwellings are subject to a minimum floor space of 480 sq ft main floor area. Height restrictions to be one and one half story on lake front only. Lake view and third row exempt from this restriction. Minimum set back to be 1.5m (4.92’) from side property boundaries with trees to be reserved or replaced with foliage of choice. . The Purchaser MUST, before building any residence, maintain a finished floor elevation of 513.40 feet above sea level.

b) Building Commitment
Once the construction phase starts (digging of the foundation or basement) the Exterior of the Cabin / Cottage must be fully completed within 18 months from that start date.

c) Exterior Appearance and Design
. The exterior components, i.e. windows, doors, roof lines should be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner

d) Building Materials
. Follow the selection of materials, but lean heavily towards the expression of natural materials. The use of asphalt shingles in cedar tones is highly encouraged. Log style architecture is very desirable.
. The principle of harmony to nature rules out monumental architecture, but does not prevent a good individual design.

e) Colors
. Earth tones of light and dark intensity

f) Fences
. Fences are discouraged, but are allowed to a maximum of 4 ft. in height with a vertical expression

3. Plumbing

. All drainage or plumbing installed, reconstructed or extended in any building shall be in accordance with the provisions of The Public Health Act and the regulations there under. Single chamber sewage holding tank with sewage to be removed by septic service, approved by the Department of Public Health, Prince Albert. Fiberglass, or Concrete containers are adequate.
. There shall not be any discharge of any water from any drain within any building unless the discharge is to a sewage holding tank as provided above.
. In the event that a sewage system is ever established to serve the property covered by this agreement, the purchaser covenants to hook up such system months of it being available, and to pay all rates levies or taxes assessed by the Local Municipal Government or its successors with respect thereto.

4. Electrical Wiring and Equipment

. All electrical wiring and equipment for light, power or heat in any building shall be installed in conformity with the Electrical Inspection and Licensing Act and the latest authorized edition of the Canadian Electrical Code.
. The installation, operation and maintenance of all sanitary facilities shall conform to the regulations of the Department of Public Health.

5. Additional Information

Services Provided to the Purchaser
. Subdivision of Roads where applicable
. Ditches and Drainage
. Traffic Signs
. Boat Ramp
. Electrical Power Service Provisions to Property Line
. Telephone Service Provisions to Property Line
. Garbage Provisions
(Natural Gas to be proposed)

6. RV Sites

RV's are allowed in designated areas.

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